30 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Lu (current location)

东湖路30号, 近淮海中路 (目前地址)

PHONE: 5404 1235

尊敬的顾客,感谢您十年来对龙门阵川菜馆的支持,为了提高服务品质,我们将于五一劳动节后搬迁,新址位于最具海上浪漫风情的武康路378号,武康庭。新店除了继续提供您钟爱的经典川菜以外,还将开辟一个全新的鸡尾酒吧 “Bar Basil”。请扫码关注我们的开业时间和开幕派对。


Dear customers, thank you for your support for the past 10 years. Our

Sichuan Citizen restaurant will be

relocated shortly after the May holiday. The new location is in Shanghai's main attraction — the Ferguson Lane on Wukang Lu.  In addition to continuing cooking your favorite spicy dishes, we will also launch a new and exotic "Bar Basil" in the restaurant. Please scan QR code for info on our progress and opening party.