SICHUAN CITIZEN opened in 2009, and moved to  Wukang Lu in Ferguson Lane in 2018. The Kitchen is run by Chef Mao whom has been the head chef since opening, when he brought his whole crew from Chengdu. A sizable Sichuan menu includes the classic and traditional dishes.



The restaurant also houses a cocktail bar named BAR BASIL adjacent to the dining room, with signature cocktails created by mixologist extraordinaire Dario Gentile from Milan. The combination of Sichuanese food and the exotic cocktails is what make Sichuan Citizen an unique restaurant to visit.


餐廳附設的酒吧Bar Basil, 提供由米蘭資深酒吧顧問Dario Gentile創作的招牌雞尾酒羅勒馬天尼。傳統川菜和國際化酒吧的結合,讓龍門陣成為上海城中一個獨特的休閒去處。

SICHUAN CITIZEN won a few awards the past 10 years.


Sichuan Citizen & Bar Basil

Wukang Lu 378, Second Floor

XuHui District, Shanghai.





(021) 5424 5886


“How we cook in Chengdu is how we cook here at Sichuan Citizen.”

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